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Galette Recipe

Delicious savoury pancakes oozing with delicious fillings, weather that be ham swimming in a béchamel sauce, or mudrooms coated in garlic and herbs. 

Like with Crepes, batter should be prepared in advance and left to stand for at least an hour. The standing time allows the flour to swell and lets any air that was beaten into the batter to rise out of the mix. 


125g of Buckwheat flour and 125g of Plain Flour ( you can use all buckwheat), 3 Eggs, 250ml of milk and 250 of water (or beer), 3 tablespoons of oil (Rapeseed, Groundnut or Olive),  Butter for frying. 


1. Weigh and sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, add a pinch of salt.

2.Break the eggs into the center of the flour, add the oil.

3. Begin to mix the flour and eggs together mix this into a paste, and then gradually introduce more liquid to the mixture

5. Heat a pan to a moderate heat and wipe over with buttered kitchen towel. Add some batter and swirl to try and achieve a even thin consistency across the pan. Cook for 2 minutes on each side the crepe should slide when the pan is shaken, then flip.

When flipped you get to add the filling. See a couple of our sugestions bellow or make your own. 

Egg and Cheese, Break a Egg as the whites set add grated cheese and then fold into a square, Serve immediately.   


While the batter is resting, finely chop a banana shallot or half a red onion, and fry till it softens. Add a splash of white wine, and cook off then, microplane 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, and add the finely chopped mushrooms and  into the pan and season, cook for 2 mins on mid high heat add some chopped herbs (taragon parsley or Thyme), cook for a couple more minutes on a mid heat. 

Remove from the pan and mix in more finely chopped herbs such as parsley, fill the galetts when cooked on one side roll or fold and brown off in the oven.

They could be sprinkled with parmesan and further herbs.  

They could also be enriched with putting the mushrooms in a béchamel sauce (see ham)


Make a béchamel sauce. 

Melt 20g of  butter and add 2. table spoons of plain flour, cook through and begin to slowly add 250g of warmed milk., Add the milk slowly beating the mix into a smooth paste each time. Season with salt pepper and nutmeg or a spoon of Dijon mustard. Add some Grated cheese stir through and add some diced ham. Set aside to add to the pancakes when cooked. 

Put the mix in the center of the pancakes and roll put in a oiled oven proof dish and sprinkel with more cheese, and put in a 200 degree oven to brown. 



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Pancakes can be made in advance and kept in the fridge, or kept in the freezer in cling film. 


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