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Crepe Recipe

Crepe batter should be prepared in advance and left to stand for at least an hour. The standing time allows the flour to swell and lets any air that was beaten into the batter to rise out of the mix. 

125g of Plain Flour, 2 Eggs, 325ml of milk, 2 tablespoons of Caster sugar (optional), Butter for frying. 

1. Weigh and sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, add a pinch of salt.

2.Break the two eggs into the center of the flour, add a splash of oil.

3. Begin to mix the flour and eggs together with a splash of milk, mix this into a paste, and then gradually introduce more milk to the mixture. Add sugar just before the end. 

4. Leave to stand and just before making the pancakes add a dash of milk to the mix.

5. Heat a pan to a moderate heat and wipe over with buttered kitchen towel. Add some batter and swirl to try and achieve a even thin consistency across the pan. 

6. The pancake should take around 30 s each side. Either turn with a pallet knife or loosen then flip. 

7. Repeat, till you have a great stack of pancakes. 


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Add few drops of Vanilla extract or even a splash of liquors like brandy, rum  at stage 2.

Pancakes can be made in advance and kept in the fridge, or kept in the freezer in cling film. 

Double the quantities, and keep some cooked in the fridge for quick snacks that will keep the kids happy. 


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